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Assessing and strengthening resilience


During the 6th European Civil Protection Forum, organised under the central theme of "Civil Protection in a Changing Risk Landscape", The Austrian Red Cross, as the project coordinator, has presented the project REcheck. 

Around 900 participants ranging from the European civil protection community, countries of the European Neighbourhood, first-line responders, academia, international organisations, NGOs, and European institutions; had the opportunity to interact with innovative projects dealing with strengthening resilience at the EU, including the REcheck project.

  • REchecker trainings

Vienna, Austria 19.-20. May 2017

Plovdiv, Bulgary  10.-11. June 2017

Zagreb, Croatia 1 July 2017

Dresden, Germany 25 October 2017

EU Humanitarian AID

After 2 years of intense work, the project REcheck has successfully finished in March 2018.

The final plenary meeting was held on the 15th-16th March 2018, where all partners had the opportunity to present their results, feedback and all outcomes from the projects.

More than 800 REcheck questionnaires were carried out in the partner countries!!!.

Additionally, The project was presented at international events such as the EU Civil Protection Forum on March 5-6, 2018 and at the NATO centre of the excellence.


An important aspect of urban resilience to disaster is the resilience of individual households and neighbourhoods. The general objective of the REcheck project is to build on existing awareness raising tools and networks that strengthen resilience and contribute to urban resilience by strengthening practical preparedness on a household level combined with joint efforts to improve resilience on a neighbourhood level.

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Within the framework of the European project REcheck, the French Red Cross launched a training addressed to volunteers of the local branches of Parisian region and named “Animation of Recheck events on population level preparedness facing disasters”. This training was implemented by the First Aid Department of the Direction of the Volunteering of the French Red Cross. It aimed to train “REcheckers” (Red Cross Volunteers) to launch REcheck facilitation events by the appropriation of electronical tools of measurement and facilitation methods responding to different contexts: households; small groups (30 persons) and large public. Thus trained, the REcheckers are able to implement events for the population to evaluate their level of preparedness in case of disasters and improve their preparedness capacity to face them.

The one day training course took place at the French Red Cross Headquarters in Paris where key-concepts on Disaster Risks Reduction (resilience; risks; hazards; vulnerability; capacity) in urban context were broached; facilitation and preparation technics of REcheck events; and finally the use of electronic REcheck tool in order to generate the assessment. Also, it was through discussions and practical exercises that REcheckers volunteers could appropriate the necessary tools to realize REcheck events.

This time the REchekers from the German Red Cross have received their training on the 25th October.

The training focused on the importance of neighbourhood resilience at the European level and how the REcheck project is helping to increase resilience among the European population.

Similarly, the new REcheckers were trained on all features of the REcheck tool and how to use it.

On  1 July 2017, a training for REcheckers was organised by the Red Cross Branch of the City of Zagreb and the Croatian Red Cross. In total  17 volunteers have participated.

The “Recheck” project was presented as well as basic concepts related to the protection and rescue system in the Republic of Croatia. During the training, participants became acquainted with the REcheck tool. They will test it in the following months and afterwards, they will provide feedback in order to improve the tool itself. The next training is scheduled for September 2017.

In the area of Belintash, Asenovgrad municipality, a two-days training on 10-11 June 2017, was organized for the volunteers from the voluntary disaster response team and the youth rescue team of the Bulgarian Red Cross branch in Plovdiv, in the framework of the EU project "REcheck".

The aim of the training was to introduce to the volunteers the developed methodology and the "REcheck" electronic tool, for assessing the households’ preparedness for disaster situations and, in the following months, to conduct real events with citizens of Plovdiv.

On 19-20 May. the first training for REcheckers was done at the premises of the Austrian Red Cross in Vienna.

13 Volunteers (REcheckers) and 4 trainers have participated during this event with an excellent outcome and feedback from both, REchekers and trainers.

We are looking forward to our next pilot training for REcheckers on Bulgary and Croatia. 


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